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Peterbilt electric vehicles are changing the way the trucking industry moves the world. We are industry leaders in alternative powertrain offerings which include the Model 579EV, the Model 520EV and the Model 220EV.


The Model 579EV is ideal for regional haul and drayage applications, in part because the frequent starts and stops engage the regenerative braking, which transfers energy back into the battery backs, reducing brake pad wear and extending operating range


The Peterbilt Model 520EV is designed as a zero emissions commercial and residential refuse solution. It can handle up to 1,100 trash bins on a single charge.


The Peterbilt Model 220EV provides a zero-emissions solution for clean, efficient operation. It is perfect for pickup, delivery, regional hauling, food and beverage. The Model 220EV is designed for driver comfort and productivity and features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability and a spacious interior.

full service charging solutions

Setting up charging infrastructure and chargers is essential if you’re thinking of electrifying your fleet. Firstly, it ensures uninterrupted operations by providing reliable access to charging, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Moreover, strategically placed chargers enable optimization of fleet routes and operations, improving overall logistics and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, establishing a charging network is essential for the successful electrification of your fleet, driving forward progress towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

Peterbilt Pacific Support

Peterbilt is committed to supporting you through every step of electrifying your fleet. From securing rebates to offset costs, to assisting with infrastructure development for chargers, and providing ongoing service support, Peterbilt ensures a seamless transition to electric vehicles. Our team of EV certified technicians offers expertise and guidance to ensure your fleet operates efficiently and effectively. With Peterbilt, you can trust in our comprehensive approach to electrification, allowing you to embrace sustainability while maximizing your fleet’s performance and minimizing downtime.

DC Fast Chargers 

DC Fast Chargers are readily available to use at Abbotsford, Delta, Surrey and Nanaimo

Provincial and Federal Rebates

You can combine both Provincial and Federal rebates for Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Electric Vehicles. However, depending on the eligibility, there is a maximum on how much you can receive per vehicle. For more details, visit CleanBC Go Electric Program.