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With the capability of the Peterbilt 579, 567 and 520 to run on both LNG and CNG, these Peterbilt models empower operators with flexibility, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, making them well-suited for a variety of applications in the modern transportation industry.

Who it’s for?

Natural gas engines are especially well suited for return-to-base fleets with behind-the-fence fueling capability. LNG and CNG services available in Abbotsford, Kamloops and Surrey.

What’s the cost?

Natural gas vehicles do have a higher upfront cost, but the lower cost of fuel can help you quickly recoup those costs and more. Low-cost fuel with stable pricing helps fleets forecast monthly, quarterly and annual operating costs.

Operational Benefits

1. Abundant low-cost domestic fuel
2. Maintenance-free exhaust treatment
3. Ease of transition from diesel to natural gas
4. Diesel-like ratings
5. Peterbilt Pacific Support


LNG, stored at extremely low temperatures, is ideal for long-haul operations, providing extended driving ranges and reduced emissions compared to traditional diesel fuels.


CNG, stored under high pressure, is suitable for shorter distances and urban routes, offering a cleaner-burning alternative with lower greenhouse gas emissions.